About us

Since 2003 we have been providing services in outsourcing complex business processes. During first few years the company offered introduction of dedicated IT solutions for other companies. Over the length of ten years we have developed and grew according to the needs of our customers. Currently we specialize in providing services for complex business processes for IT companies as well as outsourcing IT, finance, pharmacy and FMCG specialists for both short and long term cooperation.


Mission and values


TIM Outsourcing supports big corporations in achieving the goals of lowering the costs by providing flexible hiring service. We also support processes in non-strategic areas allowing our customers to focus on their core activities.


Quality and perfection – We pay much attention to outsourcing the proper human resources that fit the needs of our clients. We are always trying to perfect our competences through the constant development and proactive management.


Reliability and loyalty – The very basic condition of any long-term business relation is customer satisfaction. From the very first stages of the relations development we offer only the solutions which guarantee both savings and increase in effectiveness in tasks handled by us.


Regularity – We constantly raise the effectiveness bar as well as the quality of our services through frequent and systematic internal development.


Professionalism – We reach it thanks to our involvement, enthusiasm and dedication as well as many years of experience and wide knowledge of our employees.

About us


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