Outsourcing and offshoring of processes

We offer complex range of subcontracting business processes, especially in the areas that are not within the client’s expertise. It allows our client to focus on the core competence of our client, which subsequently allows further development. Apart from financial advantages from subcontracting, outsourcing of non-key processes comes with other business benefits – flexibility allows adjusting to ever-changing needs for services.

Over the period of ten years we specialized ourselves in outsourcing processes for IT, new technologies and electronics. The biggest benefits are gained by the international corporations.

We currently run three offices adjusted to conduct various projects in the offshoring field. From advanced language based services in Warsaw and Gdańsk (highly qualified staff both technical and language wise) to simple assembly lines that require lower employment cost but high quality service (Lębork).


Examples of projects offshoring:

• Electronics industry client (France): Offshoring electronic components manufacturing process, since 2003.

• New Technologies client: (global corporation): Outsourcing of over-the-phone customer care for Central and Eastern Europe. Project conducted by a spin-off company TIM Call Center, since 2003.

• Finance market client (Poland): Outsourcing of IT resources for administration, maintenance and development of big datacenters, since 2005.


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